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Fake snow using only 2 ingredients

We are doing a Winter theme this week, because Winter has truly arrived in South Africa! Being a cold, wet day and the little one not feeling well, I decided to keep them busy with some fake snow. They loved playing it with it, they spread it out on the table and wrote in it. Well the older one did and the little one kept destroying what her sister made – that is basically our daily routine!

So how to make fake snow. I saw a few recipes but having limited things in the house and not planning on running around in the rain, I found a simple recipe. All you need is bicarb and water. Yes that is all!!!

You take bicarb (as much you want to use) and put one teaspoon of water at a time in the bowl. On 100g I used exactly 1 teaspoon of water. Just mix in in with a fork and you will get fluffy ‘snow’. It kept my kids busy for hours!

It’s the beginning of Winter and every little thing that we can use to entertain them is helpful at this stage. So go make some snow and get them busy.

PS. Great sensory play

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Colored Rice; Theme for the week: Color

Today hubby took over the lesson with Sky. We got her a sticker book about colors. She had a lot of fun putting the different stickers on their spots and looking for the colors etc.

I played with Abby. She has been really struggling today with sensory overload so I decided to do some sensory play with her.


I had some colored rice so I had her play with it on a page, touch it, push it around.


BUT it all ended up on the floor causing poor hubby to go into sensory overload. Living in my house you have to walk a VERY fine line 😉



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Using a laundry basket as toy

We have all played with our parent’s laundry baskets growing up. We used it to be turtles, to play hide and seek, to cage our siblings in (admit it, we all did it)…

Playing with the laundry basket got an upgrade as it is now used for sensory development – it is a bit trickier now 😉

I took some wool and made a ‘spider’s web’ with the wool inside the laundry basket (Yes I know it could be done better, but you know… me…)


Place toys at the bottom and hand it to baby! Thinking about it, I might have been doing better if I put the toys in first, but hey at least I knew that the toys could get in and out of the basket as I had to maneuver through the web to get the toys at the bottom.



She did not like the idea too much. The idea of the wool touching her really annoyed her. She played with it a bit but as soon as the wool would touch her, she would pull her hand back. But it’s part of the therapy and it seems to be helping! She is doing so great and for most parts, she even ate ‘normal’ food the weekend! So, YEAH!




The almost 3 year old also got involved and also enjoyed it. She filled it with toys (esp since she figured out that her sister don’t want to take them out of the basket again – win win for her)




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Get those little fingers moving

Ever had one of those – I had to be taught how to do this moments??? I have been having a few the last while. You obviously never sit and thing – I wonder when did I acquire the ability to open a peg. Who taught me how to do it? You just don’t think about it. Why would you? Until you have a 2 year old that just can’t get the concept of opening a peg / a paper clip or even just pushing a rope through a toilet roll. It’s a whole new level of ‘thank you mom’ you experience every time you have to deal with something new.


We have been going back to basics as the pegs did work well but as soon as it’s a small peg, her hands just won’t work her brain. She is 2, it will happen.

So toilet roll and rope it will be. It’s been 3 days now, and she is still playing with the thing! And here you thought you had to buy expensive gifts. An empty toilet roll and piece of rope keeps them much busier than that R1000 gift.


13627246_10154320306358554_3474857592919398457_n 13775794_10154320305878554_7082638593103115687_n


I just punched some holes in the toilet roll and helped her to get the idea. It helps a lot with hand and eye coordination, fine motor skills and also a great help with ‘quiet time’ when the baby sister is sleeping.

Because I came up with the idea myself I can’t really find other photos of something similar online, just this one that is a lot prettier than the one we had. (But hey, it works the same 😉 )

baby threading ribbon toy

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Spaghetti fun

Abby has been very difficult the last few days. I’ve been trying to keep her busy so I made them colored spaghetti to play with. We had so much fun. All 3 of us. Hubby’s OCD totally kicked in and although he took a few photos of us busy with it, he stayed a distance away while we were getting messy.

I love the colors. I cooked a packet of cheap spaghetti and divided it into 3 parts. Just popped food coloring on it and let it stand in water for a while. It colors so quickly. I did put some oil in while it was cooking to make sure they do not stick together.

A LOT went into her mouth so next time I will have to make it from gluten free pasta as she should not be getting gluten in.