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How to survive Black Friday

Okay you all know that I am just a big sucker for a bargain. And speaking to my friends a lot of them feel the chaos is just not worth it. Lucky for me, I have an advantage over them. I am a big girl. Nobody is going to push this chick over, OKAY…. So hold my chocolate, I am going in…

So I thought it would be helpful to write down a few tips on how to survive if you are also planning on going to the shops on Black Friday.

  1. Choose 1 retailer. You don’t want to be running around from one to another. It’s chaos. And remember the criminals are also looking for their bargains. Buying a lot of stuff at one shop and driving to another or just putting it in your boot and going back into the mall is a huge risk. Do not get taken.
  2. Check all the ads before the time. I see a lot of the retailers already have their specials out. Those who don’t want to join the masses, be aware that a lot of the shops already have specials on and also – you can buy online.
  3. Don’t take your handbag. This is dangerous and will slow you down. I seriously don’t care how it looks, fanny back here we come. All you need is cash and cards and your phone. Put everything in there (Verimark sells a very dainty one that nobody can see under your clothes).
  4. Take a drink with you. It is going to be a LOOOONG day. Do not stand in a queue for hours without anything to drink.
  5. Take a snack with. A small pack of crisps or dried fruit can go into your fanny pack easily. Shopping while hangry (yes I do get VERY hangry) is never a good idea. That is how somebody gets punched in the face.
  6. Remember – it is just a special. If you loose out on something, don’t go ape on people. BE NICE!!! Getting in a fist fight about a 2 liter of soda is just not on – KAY?
  7. Check for coupons. They are in the local newspapers. Or download the shop’s app, you will get lots of freebies like that.
  8. Also, use an app like SnapnSave. You will get money back for just shopping. Wuhu is also a nice one to use
  9. Please don’t use a lot of perfume before the time. The rest of us really don’t want to smell you from the other side of the till. Clean will do. And please – spray some antiperspirant. Please. Pretty please.
  10. Go with a buddy. NOT YOUR HUSBAND. I am going in alone because I can do this… But if you are small or just very nice, take a buddy with you. Protection is always good. But do not, NOT I repeat NOT>>>>> take the man in your life. A special is not worth your relationship. And if I had to take mine with, trust me….. Nope, just nope.

So there you have it. Tips to survive. Be nice, but not too nice. And go them them girls…

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Thrifty Thursdays


I am running theme days on my group and today is Thrifty Thursday. We all need to safe money – well, everybody I know in anyway. Our whole country is in trouble and I can’t think of anybody (except our president) that can just spend without thinking about the consequences.

Some of my money saving ideas that is really working includes:

  1. Charity Shops! We buy most of the children’s toys second hand. My children (and I’m sure so are yours) are hard on toys. Just yesterday I found Sky’s Barbie with a broken wing. I decided that I will not spend money on new toys anymore. The charity shops have amazing deals and it gives me the freedom to buy more often as they become bored with the toys within days, if not hours.
  2. Store Cash Back Cards. I have a card for most shops I buy at. From Spar, PnP to Peps. They all have cards and they all have special offers and deals. On average I get back around R1000 a month on all the different shops as I belong to Vitality as well.
  3. If it ain’t broken…. Yes we still have an old box television. Yes we still have an old dstv decoder. Yes we have lots of things that can do with an upgrade. But it’s not broken. And until it breaks, we will not replace it, no matter if we look old fashion / not keeping up with the Jones…
  4. Buy in bulk. Things we use a lot, we buy in bulk. It just works out so much cheaper.
  5. Buy when on special. If you see something on special buy a lot and keep it. If it’s meat, I just freeze them in freezer bags and take out what I need at a time
  6. Use your contacts. I have friends that works in different areas. My one friend gets me meat cheaper from her work. My family works in the DIY field so I get discount on all DIY products, etc.
  7. Exchange between friends / contacts. I do photoshoots in exchange for my hair being done / cupcakes / my garbage being removed / courier services etc. It works.
  8. Sell those unwanted stuff. We all have houses filled with things we don’t use or need. Sell it and buy something you do need.
  9. Grow your own vegetables. With the price of vegetables it just makes sense. If you don’t have a garden, there are some amazing options that you can do in pots.
  10. Recycle. I homeschool my children and not one bottle, cap, tray gets thrown away. They all become wind chimes, trays to paint on, shakers and more. The possibilities are endless. I let them use their imagination and let them color it, fill it and in Abby’s case – bite it.