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Monday 6 Feb – Theme for the week: Textures

Our theme for the week is textures. We started by explaining what textures are. I think Sky got the concept.

I first took one of our ‘touch’ books and let her feel the different textures in it.


It took a while to explain that it is something that you FEEL and not something you just ‘see’. But she caught up, especially after I made her close her eyes and just ran her fingers over the different textures.

We then had her collect different toys, for example a smooth toy, a fluffy one, a soft one, a hard one etc.


She had to line them up on the floor.

We are really struggling at the moment with the lessons. Not that she does not get it, she just don’t feel like doing anything out of her comfort zone. Her favorite words are: It’s too hard, I can’t do it. Even with just finding the toys she had a mini meltdown. She could not SEE the toys (right in front of her in the toy box). It took a while to get her to work with us. We even got the little one involved. There is nothing like sibling rivalry to get things done – esp these two of mine, they are always competing.

Our outside play: we introduced a mini cricket bat tonight. All four played a while but Sky then got in way of the ball (bless this child’s soul, but she is the clumsiest child I’ve ever seen) and I hit her in the face. Luckily not very hard, but from there on, she would roll the ball at me and then start running to hide behind the wall! See – fast learner! Hahahaha.



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Week 2 – Theme for the week: Shapes

I realized I never got to posting last week. I first had visitors that stayed with us for a few days and then my mother in law had a very bad fall on Wednesday. She is still in hospital and will only be operated on tomorrow. It has been a real roller coaster week.

So I will just do a summary of what we did the week

On Monday we did something really simple as we had visitors. But they still loved it, esp since there was glue involved. I printed out some flower shapes vases and they had to stick the flower unto the correct vase according to the shape on the vase. I got it from here

img_7829 img_7830

On Tuesday I made them some play dough and gave them different shape cutters.

It was actually a very nice play dough:

1 cup conditioner

1 cup cornflour

food coloring

That’s it. Just mix it together. It felt a bit sticky so I just added some normal flour. Worked like a charm and it smells amazing.

img_7860 img_7859 img_7857

Wednesday I spend in hospital the whole day so they just had free play.


On Thursday they just played with stamp and different shapes. They loved the ink, but oh the mess!

Friday we looked for shapes all over the house. That was also a lot of fun as you never know what they come up with. We also took our ‘construction sticks’ and made all kinds of shapes.



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Colored Rice; Theme for the week: Color

Today hubby took over the lesson with Sky. We got her a sticker book about colors. She had a lot of fun putting the different stickers on their spots and looking for the colors etc.

I played with Abby. She has been really struggling today with sensory overload so I decided to do some sensory play with her.


I had some colored rice so I had her play with it on a page, touch it, push it around.


BUT it all ended up on the floor causing poor hubby to go into sensory overload. Living in my house you have to walk a VERY fine line 😉



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Josef’s coat – theme for the week: Color

We did Josef and his amazing coat today. We printed out a paint by numbers coat and then took some clay and in place of painting, we covered each number with the clay. Well… sort of, we tried…..


Sky was in no mood for working with me and with Abby running all over us, it was, well… interesting. We had no yellow, so we used orange in place of the yellow. Every single time we used orange, Sky HAD to tell me – I need yellow, but I’ll use orange.

I took a picture of the one I did, as Sky did not finish hers. I, at least had fun. Some days we win, some days – not so much. I think these lessons are lessons for all of us, not just the kids. And mostly it’s not about what we really are ‘learning’ as Sky knows all her colors for a while already. But she is learning about ‘staying in the lines’ and following instructions and focusing etc. Abby is learning to not put everything in her – ha ha ha. Hubby is learning that controlling an 18 month old is the hardest work EVER. And I’m learning that I can control my temper – ha ha ha. Let’s rephrase that…. I am being taught patience.. THE HARD WAY



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Theme for the week – Colors

We have started with a bit of more ‘formal’ schooling for Sky – Abby does join in on everything, causing the most incredible chaos you can think of! Every week we have a ‘theme’ and we have an activity each day around the theme.

Monday we had fun with paint, cotton balls and a rainbow


I think our most challenging thing at the moment is for her to follow instruction. So we don’t really care how things look or turn out, as long as she follow instructions. At the age of 3, that little will is strong!


I think for a three year old she did really well.

Today we took their ball pool’s balls and and empty boxes. She had one minute to see how many balls she can sort by color. Myself and daddy joined in and we each had a turn. She loved every minute! Cheering us on when it was our turn (mommy won – just for the record. Like yeah me!) Abby, in true Swashbuckler style, would run and grab balls out or but them in wrong boxes or even get into the suitcase that hold the balls. A lot of fun was had by all – and we got them moving, thinking and learning while belly laughing at mommy’s hair gone haywire and daddy sweating like crazy running after runaway balls

We have been playing with bubbles and showing them how it looks like a rainbow inside the bubble. They were running outside following the bubbles and popping them.

Daddy has been playing them (mostly really bad) songs with colors in the song and they have to spot the color. This has also been a lot of fun as they love love LOVE dancing.