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Water Experiment for Toddlers

Yes, we do ‘do’ school, even if we don’t ‘go’ to school!! I get asked a lot of times so what do I teach my children.

So here is a day in the lives of toddler homeschoolers.

They stayed in bed until 10am. They were awake and they came out of their rooms to each grab a phone. They went back to bed watching “Word Party”. A Netflix original. They love it, especially the little one. I will post a decent review some time about it. But it is very cute and very helpful.

So they had their language lesson in bed.

Our theme for the week is water, so we then bottled some water beads that we will need for our lesson tomorrow. But that does not stop them from playing with them so long. So they had their sensory lesson.

We then did their science lesson. We made an experiment with water and what effect it has on different objects. They had to tell me before the time what they thought would be the effect on the object. Will it change, or will it stay the same.

We used:


Fruit Loops




We put each object in an empty yogurt container and covered it with water.

They then had to tell me if the water had any effect on it. We also came back to it half an hour later to see if anything changed. They loved that the sugar just disappeared. They both tasted the water.

They then asked if they could play ‘house’ with it. Resulting in some real messy play. They mixed up the bread and fruit loops with the paper. Making this weird gooey paper paste. YUK! But they did enjoy playing with it and seeing how the water changed the objects.

At the moment they are doing imaginary play by playing “magic show”. They have a hat and are pretending to pull magic things from the hat.

It has been a full day for these two. In between they played in the sand pit and had a race around the garden and learned how to pump up a inflatable pillow – learning how the air goes from the pump into the cushion.


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Newton College Open Day

Tomorrow will be Newton College’ Open day. They are hosting a lot of parents that are considering home schooling or parent’s who are looking for a tutor for their child struggling with a specific subject, or even people who never got their Grade 12 and need to study for it later, tomorrow and we will be popping in to support them.

I love the idea of a place that is a ‘school’ without it actually being a school. A place that I know I can fall back on later when my two are older and mommy can’t deal with their maths. Yes it will be maths, trust me.

The concept is that you can hire their teachers to tutor you at an hourly rate. So you work with your budget – if you can afford one hour a week, that is what you get.

I am not sure about that the hourly rate will be, but we will pop in to have a look tomorrow and let you all know. Or if you are in Port Elizabeth and interested, pop in as well. We could always meet up for a chat!!

We met up with Leah, who runs the college and she seems like a lovely lady. They will be hosting lessons tomorrow to show everybody what their plans are. It might get your child’s creative juices flowing by seeing what others are doing. Well, one can but hope right!!

When we spoke to Leigh she mentioned that they have a schedule where home schoolers can do their Grade 10, 11 and 12 in two years. That sounds like a great option to me as my two will be able to get that done in a heart beat (no I am not bragging, I just realize that we have 2 gifted children and we are very blessed! How many 4 year olds do you know that can read?)

So we are excited to go check out the college and have them as a back up plan for when our kids are older.


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Treasure hunt for toddlers

Our theme for the week is Treasure.

Bible theme: We are God’s treasure.

Shape: Rectangle

Letter X

X mark the spot in this case. It’s a horrible day in Port Elizabeth so keeping the 2 busy was not easy. Every time I would let them play a bit, I would turn around and they would be fighting over a tablet to play a game or watch Peppa Pig. So I decided to stick to the original plan and have a treasure hunt, but do it inside.

I took stickers and made X marks all over the house. Marking them nr 1, 2 etc. I had them following the trail until they reached the treasure. They had so much fun running around the house looking against walls, under cupboards, against the stove etc.

It all led them to a treasure box (a pretty handbag I have) filled with random toys they have not seen before (or very long ago and forgot about it)


When hubby got home they could not wait to show him the trail and the treasure.

After they played with it a bit I explained to them how God searches for us if we are lost and how happy He is when He finds us.

I also made them look at the X and pulled it apart, showing them how the X is made out of 2 rectangles.

Before bed time we asked them what they remembered about the lessons and they told us that they are God’s treasures.

We also watched (well I tried to let them watch) a VegieTales about pirates. See here —-> The Pirates who don’t do anything 

All and all a good day 🙂

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Happy New Year Hats – free printable

Happy New Year!! Hope you all have a blessed year filled with love, laughs and lots of crafts!

We started the new year with some party hats we made – even hubby joined in and everybody made their own one (I cut and put them together)

I printed some coloring pages out. Find theme here: free_New Years Coloring Party Hats


After coloring, I just stuck them together. I could not find elastic anywhere (found it this morning in plain sight!) so we used ribbon.

Tada! Party hats!

I hope everybody goes into this year with a fresh spirit and a ‘I can do this’ attitude. I sure need some positive vibes!

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We have been going through a lot the last while. Abby is not dealing well with her SPD and it does seem more and more that she indeed has Aspergers. This will be tested in a few months again. Hubby’s dad passed away and the children had to deal with death for the first time. With all of this going on, Sky has been struggling as well…. She just seemed stressed beyond any child of her age should be. Any lesson we give her, results in major meltdowns. She screams and cries and nothing is getting through to her. So…. we did what any homeschooling family has the option to do! We stopped school. She is not even 4 yet, and if she is not dealing with the pressure of ‘school’, we have to stop. We still do the theme of the week and she is loving it  – we just changed the way we teach.

Two weeks ago our theme for the weeks were dinosaurs, so we visit the museum. They loved the dinosaur display. Sky was a bit afraid, but Abby wanted to ride those things so badly!

Last week our theme was occupations, so we went through all the different jobs our friends and family has. We went to a mall and went through all the different kinds of shops. This week’s theme is “bodies of water” and living near the ocean will help a lot! We are literally ‘teaching on the go’.

I am really glad that we have this option, I get that not every parent has this option. I really feel that a lot of kiddies are just pushed to do this way too early. If your child is ready for something, awesome! If not, and you have the option to wait – wait! We see every day how different our two children are in their development. They are not 2 years apart so we can really see the difference. Sky started speaking at the age of 6 month! By 18 months she could speak full sentences, count to 20, knew the whole alphabet and could have conversations with anybody. BUT she is almost 4 now and she still falls over her own feet. Climbing, running, removing pegs, putting on paper clips on paper etc, is a huge problem. Dressing herself results in a meltdown every time.  She is just not ready yet. Abby is almost 2 – she is not using sentences yet. We tried potty training, she is not ready. She is not ready to sleep alone. She is not ready to be separated from me most days. BUT she can climb anything, she can basically dress herself etc. We are giving them time to grow at their own time. All these things will happen when they are ready. And that – to me – is the biggest positive of homeschooling. They only have to compete with themselves.



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Theme for the week: Love Day1

It’s Valentine’s day tomorrow, so our theme for the week is love. We did some work with hearts, but it seems like I have a 3 year old teenager in the house. She stays in her room, on her mobile phone (it has no sim card in it, but has music on it), don’t want to come and do homework, don’t want to eat (well she will have anything that looks like it might be unhealthy). The real teenager years should be fun.

I gave her some heart cut outs and she had to trace the hearts and color them


She traced them but was in no mood to color them. She was stabbing the paper, screaming at her sister because she dares to come closer, cried, and it went on and on. So the lesson was ended there. We were planning on wrapping some chocolate hearts in foil as well, but we will see how tomorrow goes. For now, all her screen time – this includes computer, television and mobile phones, has been taken away.

Motherhood would be fun they said….

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Monday 6 Feb – Theme for the week: Textures

Our theme for the week is textures. We started by explaining what textures are. I think Sky got the concept.

I first took one of our ‘touch’ books and let her feel the different textures in it.


It took a while to explain that it is something that you FEEL and not something you just ‘see’. But she caught up, especially after I made her close her eyes and just ran her fingers over the different textures.

We then had her collect different toys, for example a smooth toy, a fluffy one, a soft one, a hard one etc.


She had to line them up on the floor.

We are really struggling at the moment with the lessons. Not that she does not get it, she just don’t feel like doing anything out of her comfort zone. Her favorite words are: It’s too hard, I can’t do it. Even with just finding the toys she had a mini meltdown. She could not SEE the toys (right in front of her in the toy box). It took a while to get her to work with us. We even got the little one involved. There is nothing like sibling rivalry to get things done – esp these two of mine, they are always competing.

Our outside play: we introduced a mini cricket bat tonight. All four played a while but Sky then got in way of the ball (bless this child’s soul, but she is the clumsiest child I’ve ever seen) and I hit her in the face. Luckily not very hard, but from there on, she would roll the ball at me and then start running to hide behind the wall! See – fast learner! Hahahaha.