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Tip for sensory eating problem

I realized that Abby will eat much much more if she didn’t have to actually touch her food. Plastic forks etc is a big no no as well. Metal is also not a great option for her. So if I feed her with my hand she will eat. Some things I obviously can’t feed her with my hand so I have started doing some searching. i found these amazing little things. “Fruit sticks” They are made from bamboo, so they are not only cheap, re-usable and ‘not plastic or metal’, but also not damaging the planet.

If she wants a full apple, I can actually poke one in each side and she can eat them, holding the little handles.

She prefers fruit to anything else, so it helps a lot if I give her some cut up fruit and she can eat it with her little ‘stick’.

No messy hands – she usually goes into sensory overdrive when she touches fruit. She would cry, pull faces, panic sets in as she tries to get her hands clean. Her OCD kicks in to a point where she just can’t function.

So, yeah for small miracles.


They even work great for fruit bars

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Easy gluten free egg muffins

With having such a restricted diet – no gluten, no sugar and a little dairy I have to get creative. I am busy during the day so I have to make something easy and quick.

Now, I am not a big fan of egg to start off with, but if you make this recipe right it does taste way better than scrabbled eggs!


3 eggs

1 mushroom

Pieces of bacon

Tomato (chopped)

spices and herbs (I use Ina Paarman’s Veg Seasoning) and some parsley, but you can really use what you want.


*You can add whatever you want in these. They really work well with any meat / herbs

I put them in little muffin papers as the children then eats them because – cupcakes! YEAH ! But you can just spray a 6 muffin tray with spray and cook. Whip the eggs with a fork and divide the mixture between the 6 pans. I then throw in the rest of the ingredients.

Pop it in the oven for 15 minute at 180C.

And serve with a salad. The children loves them (and Sky refuse to eat any egg).

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The post I didn’t think I would want to share…


Weight is always a tricky subject. Especially if you have been overweight your whole life. I have a condition called PCOS – poly-cystic ovarian syndrome. It causes a lot of weight gain and it makes losing weight very hard.


Talking about my weight is not something I do in public. But hey, facing your fears head on is something I have always believed in. So here we are.

Back story – Thursday (about 2 weeks ago) I got up and lost all feeling in my legs. I was standing and held onto the cupboard, but I could not move. I stood there for 10 minutes. Not able to move. My legs gave in. And I couldn’t pretend that I did not know why. My weight has shot up the last few years due to stress about Abby and the fact that I don’t have time to prep meals or have time to eat properly. Having a child that won’t eat, or eat out of my plate, or puke out all the food while we are eating, tends to mess your meal times up. Also the fact that I have a c-section with Abby. There was some complications afterwards and I had another operation 8 months later to save my life. A year later another operation that almost ended my life. So physically I am just ‘done’. Every part of my body aches all the time. I can’t walk properly. I can’t bend – my one hip is busy giving in. My knees is giving in. I am dizzy and nauseas all the time.

I contacted a friend that I know will give me advice. She understands me – that I won’t take medication to loose weight or even, like a doctor suggested, get a gastric bypass. I told her – you either help me, or in a year I will be one of those women who has to get her husband to wipe her ass, and that – is not happening!!  She excepted to help me if she was allowed to shout at me. I think shouting was the only way at this stage, so I excepted her challenge.

We decided that the GAPS diet would be my best option with a fasting period every day. I hate breakfast so we decided that I will eat at 6pm and then again 12pm the next day. It works for me as I can’t eat in the mornings and it makes me sick in anyway. Further – no sugar, no wheat and minimum dairy. I have been struggling wit Candida for a few years already and it needs to be treated with diet as well.

The first 8 days I lost….. 4.7kg! Yes, I lost almost 5kgs in just over a week! But more importantly – I feel better. I do a 5km every day – where I used to not be able to walk to the gate. I actually had a race with my kids on Sunday and I ran!! Like ran!!!! I know… SHOCK!

The aches are mostly gone, I can almost bend again. The hip is still sensitive but not nearly as bad as what it was. In 2 weeks!

I have a weight loss support group on Fb and we have been recording my progress there. And I have had so many people saying that, me being open about my struggle is giving them the courage to do also start. And hey, if I can help one person feel better, why not!?


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Day 1 of our kefir journey

Okay if you are desperate, you try anything and everything. So if kefir will help Abby to feel better an be better, that is what we are doing. I have been doing some research and it seems like no matter what your opinion on Autism and if it can be ‘cured’ or not, everybody agrees that the gut has a very strong link with emotions, coping with everyday life. And that is what she is just not doing at the moment – coping. I will be doing a separate post on water kefir itself tomorrow.

On Saturday I had to work at a market. She got so upset because I had to leave, she scratched marks all over me to try to hold on to her while hubby was pulling her off me. I was so upset I cried all the way to the market. The rest of the weekend did not go much better. My child is unhappy – all the time. She is angry all the time. It is not ‘normal’ for a 2 year old to always be angry or sad. She is just never happy. And I need to fix this. How – nobody knows. But I will try my best to find out. That is my main goal in life right now.

I had to make a very difficult decision, but we are closing the store ‘to the public’. I can’t even work from home. She is not coping with people in her space. And somebody came around to pick something up and he straight up told me – in front of her “nobody wants your kids under their feet”. My heart broke. She stood her ground and told him why he is still here. But ffs, my 2 year old don’t need to stand her ground against an old fart. I cried the rest of the day and then decided – her needs are more important that running this business. We are doing well with markets and online and the printing. We don’t need this in our lives.


We are adjusting her diet, starting OT and doing yoga. So yes, I am sorry I can’t have a social life right now, my life is making sure my child has as much of a normal life as possible. So send some love and light and prayers this way please. I am in desperate need of it.

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Platters for picky eaters

I am basically at a point that if the 2 year old wants cherries for breakfast, I just give it to her. With her SPD it is so difficult to get food in her. But it seems like ‘some’ days we are getting food in her by providing platters full of different options, rather than a plate of food. For some reason she hates eating out of her own plate. She will eat from the platter – or out of my plate.

I prefer healthier options off course, but I realize that she will have some viennas (hotdogs) or cold meats. So I offer two platters, one with fruit and one with cold meats. She gets desperately needed food in her and I don’t have to fight her the whole time. We just leave the platter out for her most of the time. When she feels like having more, she just opens it and takes what she wants from it. Yeah for us! This is a HUGE win. Some days it does not work at all, but we take those days as well.

In the fruit platter we have:




Carrots (shhht, don’t tell them it’s a veg)

(She likes apple so I filled two spots with apple, but usually I fill it with grapes or strawberries)

The meat platter I just had hotdogs (viennas) and cold meat plus some pineapple pieces

The finished the platter so WHOOOOOP!


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Making your way through the vitamin aisle

Trying to find a healthy vitamin for your toddler might sound much easier than what it really is. You see multi-vitamins in the health store / pharmacy and you think that they are all good…. Well, they are not. There are actually VERY few that my children can use. These little buggers are mostly covered in sugar! Now for most that is not a problem, but if you have two children that has huge sugar problems, it becomes a very big problem. We tried so many supplements and vitamins before we found one that both girls can use.

Creche Guard

We tried this first and it was loaded with sugar. Sky got really sick from the high sugar volume. I am glad to see that they now have a sugar free option!

The Yummy Vites do not contain sugar but they do have an ‘acquired’ taste. My children did not mind them, but a few times they just ended up in the bin.

Gummy Vites are my children’s favorite. They do contain sugar but it’s low enough to not have an effect on my children.

Betta Kidz are a very good option for us. No added sugar. My only problem is that they are hard and getting the little one to take them was a bit of a problem. I am sure as soon as she is older, we will go back to this one.

Vital is my favorite. They contain no sugar and they are a bit harder than jellies but not as hard as the Betta Kidz. They are best priced as well and looking at the ingredients, it also offers the widest range of vitamins in one tablet.

So good luck battling through the aisles trying to find one that works for your whole family. Feel free to ad more in the comments section that you think we can try.

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Excuse the silence

I am sorry that I have not been able to keep up with blogging the past few weeks. What a crazy time I had. Abby turning 1 – birthday party planning, hubby resigning at his job he has been with for 17 years and we are starting up a new business. It’s crazy we know, but life is too short to be miserable all the time. I will tell everybody more about it as soon as the lease for our premises has been finalized. That should be within the next few days. How super exciting.


Back to the birthday party. What a story to organize a party of somebody that won’t eat. I friend of mine went out of her way to bake us a dairy, gluten and egg free cake. Look how amazing it came out ❤


Feel free to support her Page – she goes the extra mile

Abby is teething and basically hated everybody and everything as you can see when I gave her a cupcake


That attitude she gets from mommy dearest, so I can’t say too much #blush


Thank you to everybody that came to celebrate with her. She did try the ‘icing” (Orley whip sweetened with Xylitol) on the cupcake but not much more. At least everybody else enjoyed the snacks 🙂

abbybday2abbybday6 abbybday5 abbybday4 abbybday3

Because of the SPD I was worried about us singing for her, but she took it like a real warrior princess and only had a small meltdown the night. I am so proud of her. It’s not easy for her to cope with things around her, but she did so good. But I must say – the next birthday we will go eat at the Wimpy and the kids can play in the play area and then I’m going home. This mommy is no supermom and these kids parties are HARD work.


Thank you Zelda from Shutterbugzz for the beautiful photos. You can find her here