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Newton College Open Day

Tomorrow will be Newton College’ Open day. They are hosting a lot of parents that are considering home schooling or parent’s who are looking for a tutor for their child struggling with a specific subject, or even people who never got their Grade 12 and need to study for it later, tomorrow and we will be popping in to support them.

I love the idea of a place that is a ‘school’ without it actually being a school. A place that I know I can fall back on later when my two are older and mommy can’t deal with their maths. Yes it will be maths, trust me.

The concept is that you can hire their teachers to tutor you at an hourly rate. So you work with your budget – if you can afford one hour a week, that is what you get.

I am not sure about that the hourly rate will be, but we will pop in to have a look tomorrow and let you all know. Or if you are in Port Elizabeth and interested, pop in as well. We could always meet up for a chat!!

We met up with Leah, who runs the college and she seems like a lovely lady. They will be hosting lessons tomorrow to show everybody what their plans are. It might get your child’s creative juices flowing by seeing what others are doing. Well, one can but hope right!!

When we spoke to Leigh she mentioned that they have a schedule where home schoolers can do their Grade 10, 11 and 12 in two years. That sounds like a great option to me as my two will be able to get that done in a heart beat (no I am not bragging, I just realize that we have 2 gifted children and we are very blessed! How many 4 year olds do you know that can read?)

So we are excited to go check out the college and have them as a back up plan for when our kids are older.




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