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How to make compost on a budget

I am on mission – to make compost for my garden – on a budget nogal! And let me just start off to say what I know about gardening is dangerous! Our first batch of Checkers Mini Gardens all made it’s way to the compost heap because – well – it all died! So we have 18 new ones that we planted today and I am determined to make it work! If I can let potatoes grow, I can make these other plants grow as well.

So this is more a ‘okay help’ post than anything else. Here is what I know:

1. Compost need moisture
2. Compost needs heat
3. Compost needs carbon
4. Compost needs some sort of insect to come and eat it.
5. You need to turn compost so that it does not become a soggy mess.

So that is what I know. I have started it in a little wire basket and hopefully will grow it bigger soon.

Now it’s your turn to give some tips. Help!!



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