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Why it takes me an hour to make 2 slices of toast

How to make toast in the Muston household.

  1. Takes bread and put in toaster
  2. Turn around to see Abby standing in front of the fridge. Demanding ice cream for breakfast.
  3. Hand her the ice cream
  4. She licks it. Puts in down on floor.
  5. I go pick up ice cream and put back in freezer for later
  6. I realize she is naked. Go search for where she peed on the floor. Find pee in my room. Clean the floor
  7. Go take the toast out of toaster.
  8. Sky pops in, see toasts and takes it
  9. I turn around to see Abby grabbing cookies from other cupboard. I give her 2
  10. Puts new bread in toaster
  11. Abby puts cookies down on floor.
  12. Abby demands pear
  13. Hands her pear
  14. Send both girls to lounge to sit and eat their food.
  15. Turn to toaster
  16. Takes toast out.
  17. Hear girls fighting in lounge. Go to them. They are fighting about one praying to the other one’s God and that is SOOOOO UNFAIR.
  18. Lesson in “God lives in everybody’s heart who wants Him there, He is everbody’s God not just yours. We share God”.
  19. Go to kitchen. Toast is cold, but Abby follows me and takes my toast
  20. I put more bread in toaster.
  21. Abby demands cookies with sprinkles. I say no. Followed by a 10 min tantrum.
  22. Sky demands more food while Abby gets off the floor to go get my WIFI headphones because ‘her sister is so damn loud’.
  23. Sister accepts challenge and starts screaming as loud as she can at headphone wearing Abby.
  24. I scream at them and throw them out of my kitchen.
  25. I put spread on my toast.
  26. I go sit to eat my toast.
  27. Abby takes toast and walks off
  28. Screw this, I can loose some weight in anyway.

This is a very very real story. I wish I made it up.





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