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Day 1 of our kefir journey

Okay if you are desperate, you try anything and everything. So if kefir will help Abby to feel better an be better, that is what we are doing. I have been doing some research and it seems like no matter what your opinion on Autism and if it can be ‘cured’ or not, everybody agrees that the gut has a very strong link with emotions, coping with everyday life. And that is what she is just not doing at the moment – coping. I will be doing a separate post on water kefir itself tomorrow.

On Saturday I had to work at a market. She got so upset because I had to leave, she scratched marks all over me to try to hold on to her while hubby was pulling her off me. I was so upset I cried all the way to the market. The rest of the weekend did not go much better. My child is unhappy – all the time. She is angry all the time. It is not ‘normal’ for a 2 year old to always be angry or sad. She is just never happy. And I need to fix this. How – nobody knows. But I will try my best to find out. That is my main goal in life right now.

I had to make a very difficult decision, but we are closing the store ‘to the public’. I can’t even work from home. She is not coping with people in her space. And somebody came around to pick something up and he straight up told me – in front of her “nobody wants your kids under their feet”. My heart broke. She stood her ground and told him why he is still here. But ffs, my 2 year old don’t need to stand her ground against an old fart. I cried the rest of the day and then decided – her needs are more important that running this business. We are doing well with markets and online and the printing. We don’t need this in our lives.


We are adjusting her diet, starting OT and doing yoga. So yes, I am sorry I can’t have a social life right now, my life is making sure my child has as much of a normal life as possible. So send some love and light and prayers this way please. I am in desperate need of it.



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