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Treasure hunt for toddlers

Our theme for the week is Treasure.

Bible theme: We are God’s treasure.

Shape: Rectangle

Letter X

X mark the spot in this case. It’s a horrible day in Port Elizabeth so keeping the 2 busy was not easy. Every time I would let them play a bit, I would turn around and they would be fighting over a tablet to play a game or watch Peppa Pig. So I decided to stick to the original plan and have a treasure hunt, but do it inside.

I took stickers and made X marks all over the house. Marking them nr 1, 2 etc. I had them following the trail until they reached the treasure. They had so much fun running around the house looking against walls, under cupboards, against the stove etc.

It all led them to a treasure box (a pretty handbag I have) filled with random toys they have not seen before (or very long ago and forgot about it)


When hubby got home they could not wait to show him the trail and the treasure.

After they played with it a bit I explained to them how God searches for us if we are lost and how happy He is when He finds us.

I also made them look at the X and pulled it apart, showing them how the X is made out of 2 rectangles.

Before bed time we asked them what they remembered about the lessons and they told us that they are God’s treasures.

We also watched (well I tried to let them watch) a VegieTales about pirates. See here —-> The Pirates who don’t do anything 

All and all a good day 🙂



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