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Platters for picky eaters

I am basically at a point that if the 2 year old wants cherries for breakfast, I just give it to her. With her SPD it is so difficult to get food in her. But it seems like ‘some’ days we are getting food in her by providing platters full of different options, rather than a plate of food. For some reason she hates eating out of her own plate. She will eat from the platter – or out of my plate.

I prefer healthier options off course, but I realize that she will have some viennas (hotdogs) or cold meats. So I offer two platters, one with fruit and one with cold meats. She gets desperately needed food in her and I don’t have to fight her the whole time. We just leave the platter out for her most of the time. When she feels like having more, she just opens it and takes what she wants from it. Yeah for us! This is a HUGE win. Some days it does not work at all, but we take those days as well.

In the fruit platter we have:




Carrots (shhht, don’t tell them it’s a veg)

(She likes apple so I filled two spots with apple, but usually I fill it with grapes or strawberries)

The meat platter I just had hotdogs (viennas) and cold meat plus some pineapple pieces

The finished the platter so WHOOOOOP!




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