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When your routine gets turned upside down

Most people are creatures of habit. First coffee, then breakfast… or First pants then socks… Mix Aspergers in the mix and upset the apple cart and you have a recipe for disaster.

We have been without an aupair for a week and a half now and it has been – well – hell. With this change, it was impossible to get Abby in a routine. I had things to do, we had to take them everywhere with us. My poor child is a mess at the moment and we are just praying that routine will settle in from Monday as the aupair should be back on duty.

Thursday has been a very hard day for her, as we had to leave the house at 9 ( was suppose to be before then, but in any way) and we only got back past 6pm. By that stage she had banged her head so hard against a glass door that I was worried she broke it. Her head had a bump, she was screaming, kicking, spitting, gagging and just out of control. Just note, that this is really not just her being difficult, all her senses are working overtime and being out so long can really just get too much for her.

I must say they most of the time she has been a trooper this past week and a half. She really tries. And that is all we can ask. I think she is going to miss me so much next week, but I realize that her routine needs to be set otherwise it really is doing her much more harm.




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