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An inside look into a house living with Aspergers

Today was my oldest’s birthday party. A whole 4 years old. It should be a day full of fun and gifts and laughs. And yes it was. The photos on Facebook shows a family enjoying themselves.

I’ll let the pictures do the talking. This is what you see on Facebook:

The perfect day, right?

Let me show you a pic taken 10 minutes before the party.

No, it’s not a temper tantrum. This is pure anxiety because she knew people would be arriving soon. She threw the newspapers on the toilet floor and just kept banging her head on them. I had to stop her from injuring herself. During the party we had to let her wear headphones and had to take her to her room a few times. The noise of everybody around her got too much a few times. Thank goodness for great friends that understands and are so supportive.

I am not showing this to embarrass my child, but I believe people do not understand high functioning autism because they ‘look normal’. They act normal ‘most of the time’ when around people. People see the happy (okay somewhat happy) side but they don’t see the what it takes for people with Aspergers just to smile at them. It takes EVERYTHING out of them to just ‘people’ for an hour.

So if you see me taking my child out of a situation or me going into ‘mama bear mode’ please understand I am protecting my child. It took a lot of her to even be around you and she is trying her best 🙂

Be kind to people with Aspergers / high functioning autism, they really are trying to to run for the hills because you are in their space.



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