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Why I’m moving to Brakpan and becoming a stripper…

And no, I don’t know why Brakpan, it just seems the place to go in this situation…

I don’t think anybody can blame me for wanting to run away today. I have been sick for a few days now and I first thought is was sinus but it soon became more and I’m pretty sure it’s full bronchitis now. Yeah me. To add to my fun both girls are sick as well. We never get colds or flu so this is new to them. They will have sniffles for a day or two and be healthy again. This one is not so easy to shed and they are grumpy and difficulty. And by difficult (you will understand now why I am running away) they are freaking impossible.

First Abby covered herself and her sister in vaseline. So getting hold of them is a problem by itself. And screaming at them won’t work as I don’t have a voice. I then take the littlest slippery one to the toilet, just after the oldest slippery one went. I take Abby’s nappy off and turn to the toilet. As I turn, the littlest slipper one slips past me, runs up to the toilet and see her sister made a tinkle on the seat. And decides the best way to get rid of it, is to lick it off. Jip. My child licked her sister’s pee of the toilet seat and I could not get her away in time because she was covered in vaseline. I’m done. I’m moving and will be stripping in a R5 strip club on the wrong side of Brakpan. I’m out…. Toodles..

PS. I won’t actually strip, my body after 3 operations and a horrid pregnancy will make sure that they will pay me to keep the clothes on, so it’s all good…

PSS. Both kids are vaseline free and disinfected and in bed taking a nap



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