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When you find the real meaning of “EARNEST”

Last night I understood what the Bible meant when it says “Earnestly seek after God”. I’m pretty sure until last night I never understood how EARNEST, earnest really are.

I think it is any SPD / ASD parent’s worst nightmare when bed time comes and you can’t find the one toy your child can’t sleep without. And no, no other toy will do. In that moment nothing else matters. The whole family were on their hands and knees. Nothing – and I mean nothing – was left unturned. We had a fire – find this toy NOW. Because we knew the urgency in finding it. Not finding it means no sleep for anybody, a meltdown that won’t stop until she pukes and passes out and then wakes up again and repeat.

God wants us to seek Him that much? Wow! My heart was racing, I kept on praying to find the thing. I did not take a toilet break, I did not stop to drink something, I did not stop to check my phone. I had one focus – find it. And that is how much God wants us to find Him? It really hit me hard. If God wants us to find Him so much, we must be so important to Him. Because as much as He wants us to find Him, He wants to find us.

Also….. Has anybody please seen one of these toys in South Africa? We can’t go through loosing her again and we can’t find another one in SA and bringing one in from the US will cost us R2000. We do not have R2000 to spend on her – but to be honest if I had it, I would pay it. It’s worth that much to us!




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