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Making your way through the vitamin aisle

Trying to find a healthy vitamin for your toddler might sound much easier than what it really is. You see multi-vitamins in the health store / pharmacy and you think that they are all good…. Well, they are not. There are actually VERY few that my children can use. These little buggers are mostly covered in sugar! Now for most that is not a problem, but if you have two children that has huge sugar problems, it becomes a very big problem. We tried so many supplements and vitamins before we found one that both girls can use.

Creche Guard

We tried this first and it was loaded with sugar. Sky got really sick from the high sugar volume. I am glad to see that they now have a sugar free option!

The Yummy Vites do not contain sugar but they do have an ‘acquired’ taste. My children did not mind them, but a few times they just ended up in the bin.

Gummy Vites are my children’s favorite. They do contain sugar but it’s low enough to not have an effect on my children.

Betta Kidz are a very good option for us. No added sugar. My only problem is that they are hard and getting the little one to take them was a bit of a problem. I am sure as soon as she is older, we will go back to this one.

Vital is my favorite. They contain no sugar and they are a bit harder than jellies but not as hard as the Betta Kidz. They are best priced as well and looking at the ingredients, it also offers the widest range of vitamins in one tablet.

So good luck battling through the aisles trying to find one that works for your whole family. Feel free to ad more in the comments section that you think we can try.



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