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We have been going through a lot the last while. Abby is not dealing well with her SPD and it does seem more and more that she indeed has Aspergers. This will be tested in a few months again. Hubby’s dad passed away and the children had to deal with death for the first time. With all of this going on, Sky has been struggling as well…. She just seemed stressed beyond any child of her age should be. Any lesson we give her, results in major meltdowns. She screams and cries and nothing is getting through to her. So…. we did what any homeschooling family has the option to do! We stopped school. She is not even 4 yet, and if she is not dealing with the pressure of ‘school’, we have to stop. We still do the theme of the week and she is loving it  – we just changed the way we teach.

Two weeks ago our theme for the weeks were dinosaurs, so we visit the museum. They loved the dinosaur display. Sky was a bit afraid, but Abby wanted to ride those things so badly!

Last week our theme was occupations, so we went through all the different jobs our friends and family has. We went to a mall and went through all the different kinds of shops. This week’s theme is “bodies of water” and living near the ocean will help a lot! We are literally ‘teaching on the go’.

I am really glad that we have this option, I get that not every parent has this option. I really feel that a lot of kiddies are just pushed to do this way too early. If your child is ready for something, awesome! If not, and you have the option to wait – wait! We see every day how different our two children are in their development. They are not 2 years apart so we can really see the difference. Sky started speaking at the age of 6 month! By 18 months she could speak full sentences, count to 20, knew the whole alphabet and could have conversations with anybody. BUT she is almost 4 now and she still falls over her own feet. Climbing, running, removing pegs, putting on paper clips on paper etc, is a huge problem. Dressing herself results in a meltdown every time.  She is just not ready yet. Abby is almost 2 – she is not using sentences yet. We tried potty training, she is not ready. She is not ready to sleep alone. She is not ready to be separated from me most days. BUT she can climb anything, she can basically dress herself etc. We are giving them time to grow at their own time. All these things will happen when they are ready. And that – to me – is the biggest positive of homeschooling. They only have to compete with themselves.





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