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A day in the life of a sensory family

I’m not going to lie, today was one shitty day. When your child hurts, you hurt. And today my heart wanted to break for my child.

Abby woke up at 5am. She was not ready to be awake and we got her back to sleep. She slept until 9 and we then got ready to go out. The babysitter we organized for the day cancelled yesterday and I thought that I can just drag them along to my meeting, should be fine (ne). The meeting is right next to Spur so hubby took the girls to Spur while I went to the meeting. Meeting took about an hour and then I went to Spur, thinking I’m going to have a quick meal before we had to go to a kiddies’ party. I walked into Spur to see my husband in a total panic. Covered in puke. I came closer to them to find Abby sitting with her knees up into her chest, holding her ears screaming “loud, loud, loud” – cradling herself. Everything in me broke to see my child sitting there, helpless, covered in puke. She is having a sensory meltdown, the noise in the play area got too much for her.

I jumped into action. The staff as Spur were amazing, they were cleaning up and helping my husband. I went to change her while they packed our food up and got the bill.

As we walked out, she has a nappy failure and wets both of us (bear in mind, I’m not suppose to be picking her up yet as I had surgery 3 weeks ago). I put her down, she walks with me and falls off the stairs. I have her one hand and pulls her back, obviously hurting her arm. She screamed all the way to the car. I try to get her into the car and bump her head (FML). She starts screaming again. At this stage I just want to get home. My husband is covered in puke still and he looks like all blood has drained from his face.

We got home, threw her in bath while we showered. We decide that only Sky will go to the party as things are just too much for Abby. Abby screams blue murder – wanna go party, wanna go party. We cave, at this stage both our fight is out. While all of this is going on, Sky demands to be the center of attention and screams, puts the television on 50 (I did not know if could go to 50! Our normal listening sound is around 10), jumps into walls, demand food, demand drinks, talks back at everything we tell her to do.

We dress both (Sky demanding to put on a R300 skirt to a party where they are going to be climbing etc, because she wants to look like a MODEL (FML!!!!!). I dress her in the skirt to shut her up and throw them in the car. We are already 10 minutes late for the party but we are in the car and on our way. We get to the party – the party both of them screamed blue murder to get to. Sky attempt to climb on one climbing frame. Gets to top and screams daddy must come take her down. Abby hangs on me like a bush baby. I find them 2 chairs and a little table. They sat there watching everybody else play, eating their party packs. Not moving! A little boy came to ride a rocking horse near them and made horse sounds while riding. Abby immediately covered her ears and screamed he is too loud. At this stage I just gave up. Screw life. Screw parenting.

We got home, Sky hyped on sweets. We try to give her lunch. She has a melt down, we gave her too many chips. I tell her to go to her room. She goes totally ballistic on me. She starts screaming at me that she will NOT go to her room if Abby gets to stay. I won’t even mentioned what happened after this, but it was ugly. I screamed like a crazy person. I just had enough.

We pretty much had the same scenario for the rest of the day. Sky would make a noise (on purpose), Abby would scream for her to stop. Sky would make MORE noise, Abby would scream for her to stop. I would tell Sky to go to her room, Sky would start running into walls, screaming she WILL NOT go.

It’s 8;45, hubby is with them in the room. It sounds like he got them to sleep at last. We are done. We need a break. I need coffee (or something stronger). I need pain pills. Parenting sucks. But will I not want my kids – never.



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