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Theme of the week – senses

We have been having fun with senses this week. We tastes things, listened to things, touched things. Here are some of the projects we did:


We filled trays with salt, sugar, vinegar, water, sweets and salty snacks. The girls had to taste it and tell us what they thought. Sky’s face tasting apple cider vinegar was a highlight!

For touch they had to tell is what their toys where – soft / hard / squishy. They love watching a program that uses a ‘squash-o-meter’ so they told us how ‘squishy’ every toy were.

For sounds we used this video. Give it a try, the children loved it: Animal Sounds Video

We also watched some “Nina and the Neurons” 

Tomorrow we will blindfold them and let them smell different fruit and veg 🙂




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