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Alternative Easter Baskets

It’s Easter time and to most it means chocolates and more chocolates. Now what to do when  your child can’t have chocolate?? My almost 2 year old has the strangest reaction to chocolate. If you give her just one block of chocolate, she will not sleep that night. At all. She stares at the wall the whole night – and that means mommy stares at the wall with her.. So in all honesty, it’s really not worth it.

I found some great alternatives that I’m sure they will enjoy.

From Crazy Little Projects:


Lucky for me my kids are obsessed with Playdough Suprise Eggs – See their favorite The Fizzy Toy Show – so having plastic eggs in place of chocolate ones should not be the biggest problem. But we do want to make it fun for them and also our theme for next week will be Easter so we are going to have to come up with 7 days worth of fun activities (why do we do these things to ourselves? Homeschool we said, it will be fun, we said)

I got this really cool list of non-candy egg fillers from

And from

I am starting to get super “eggggsided” about Easter 🙂



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