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Theme for the week: Love Day1

It’s Valentine’s day tomorrow, so our theme for the week is love. We did some work with hearts, but it seems like I have a 3 year old teenager in the house. She stays in her room, on her mobile phone (it has no sim card in it, but has music on it), don’t want to come and do homework, don’t want to eat (well she will have anything that looks like it might be unhealthy). The real teenager years should be fun.

I gave her some heart cut outs and she had to trace the hearts and color them


She traced them but was in no mood to color them. She was stabbing the paper, screaming at her sister because she dares to come closer, cried, and it went on and on. So the lesson was ended there. We were planning on wrapping some chocolate hearts in foil as well, but we will see how tomorrow goes. For now, all her screen time – this includes computer, television and mobile phones, has been taken away.

Motherhood would be fun they said….



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