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Theme for the week: Textures – School on the run

We literally had school on the run today. And to me, that is the best part of homeschooling. We can go about our daily things and in the process teach our kids. We had a full day running between the shop, material shops and hospital. Mum is still (actually even more) confused and let the poor nurses phone us ever so often to come to her. So we had no time to have a lesson at home like we usually do. So we loaded the kids into the car and went to visit mum. Coming out of the hospital, we stopped and let them feel the pillars of the hospital, the tiles, the drain, the pavement, the trees, the leaves – we showed them barbwire (yes we aren’t THAT crazy yet!). Sky loved every moment of the ‘treasure hunt’ and kept on saying: One more texture, one more texture! Abby got into it as well and wanted to feel everything her sister was touching.

As a bonus we saw some peachicks. The hospital is known for its peacocks and seeing the babies are just so cute!

We were planning on taking them to the beach but the weather really turned for the worse so we hope to get to the beach during the week to let them feel the sand / seashells etc.




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