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Monday 6 Feb – Theme for the week: Textures

Our theme for the week is textures. We started by explaining what textures are. I think Sky got the concept.

I first took one of our ‘touch’ books and let her feel the different textures in it.


It took a while to explain that it is something that you FEEL and not something you just ‘see’. But she caught up, especially after I made her close her eyes and just ran her fingers over the different textures.

We then had her collect different toys, for example a smooth toy, a fluffy one, a soft one, a hard one etc.


She had to line them up on the floor.

We are really struggling at the moment with the lessons. Not that she does not get it, she just don’t feel like doing anything out of her comfort zone. Her favorite words are: It’s too hard, I can’t do it. Even with just finding the toys she had a mini meltdown. She could not SEE the toys (right in front of her in the toy box). It took a while to get her to work with us. We even got the little one involved. There is nothing like sibling rivalry to get things done – esp these two of mine, they are always competing.

Our outside play: we introduced a mini cricket bat tonight. All four played a while but Sky then got in way of the ball (bless this child’s soul, but she is the clumsiest child I’ve ever seen) and I hit her in the face. Luckily not very hard, but from there on, she would roll the ball at me and then start running to hide behind the wall! See – fast learner! Hahahaha.





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