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Josef’s coat – theme for the week: Color

We did Josef and his amazing coat today. We printed out a paint by numbers coat and then took some clay and in place of painting, we covered each number with the clay. Well… sort of, we tried…..


Sky was in no mood for working with me and with Abby running all over us, it was, well… interesting. We had no yellow, so we used orange in place of the yellow. Every single time we used orange, Sky HAD to tell me – I need yellow, but I’ll use orange.

I took a picture of the one I did, as Sky did not finish hers. I, at least had fun. Some days we win, some days – not so much. I think these lessons are lessons for all of us, not just the kids. And mostly it’s not about what we really are ‘learning’ as Sky knows all her colors for a while already. But she is learning about ‘staying in the lines’ and following instructions and focusing etc. Abby is learning to not put everything in her – ha ha ha. Hubby is learning that controlling an 18 month old is the hardest work EVER. And I’m learning that I can control my temper – ha ha ha. Let’s rephrase that…. I am being taught patience.. THE HARD WAY





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