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Theme for the week – Colors

We have started with a bit of more ‘formal’ schooling for Sky – Abby does join in on everything, causing the most incredible chaos you can think of! Every week we have a ‘theme’ and we have an activity each day around the theme.

Monday we had fun with paint, cotton balls and a rainbow


I think our most challenging thing at the moment is for her to follow instruction. So we don’t really care how things look or turn out, as long as she follow instructions. At the age of 3, that little will is strong!


I think for a three year old she did really well.

Today we took their ball pool’s balls and and empty boxes. She had one minute to see how many balls she can sort by color. Myself and daddy joined in and we each had a turn. She loved every minute! Cheering us on when it was our turn (mommy won – just for the record. Like yeah me!) Abby, in true Swashbuckler style, would run and grab balls out or but them in wrong boxes or even get into the suitcase that hold the balls. A lot of fun was had by all – and we got them moving, thinking and learning while belly laughing at mommy’s hair gone haywire and daddy sweating like crazy running after runaway balls

We have been playing with bubbles and showing them how it looks like a rainbow inside the bubble. They were running outside following the bubbles and popping them.

Daddy has been playing them (mostly really bad) songs with colors in the song and they have to spot the color. This has also been a lot of fun as they love love LOVE dancing.



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