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Happy New Year

Yes I’m 16 days late, but still…. Happy New Year. I’ve not blogged for a few months as I had a lot on my plate and things just got a bit out of hand. Our little A’s SPD was a bit out of control (not that it’s much under control now) and between opening a new shop, doing the photography and running a NPO, life just got to me.

In this time I really let a lot slip – including my children’s eating habits and not to mention my own. I have gained so much weight as I am an emotional eater. I have started a eating plan with So Fit So Well and I must say, day 1 and I have failed miserably! With one hour sleep (A had a bad night and would not let me go. She demanded to sleep on top of me, if I move she would scream), a lot of work pressure and going for therapy with A this morning, the day just got the most of me and I failed. BUT tomorrow we try again. I like the idea of the program. It’s simple, clean eating.


I think my main mistake was that I had not planned my meals before the time. I had 10 minutes to eat and I had no idea where I was going with the day. Tomorrow I will have a plan.



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