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What is SPD

I have had a few people ask me what is SPD. I think these are some of the best explanations :






Just a quick note on stimming – Stimming is the word we use for ‘self stimulating their senses’. Basically it will be something like clicking of fingers, hitting themselves, making themselves sick, walking in a circle, banging against a wall – anything that they do repeatedly. If it’s not harming them or somebody else, let them stim. It really helps. Abby will walk in circles all the time and we let her. She unfortunately hits herself and makes herself gag and that we stop. We don’t demand her to stop, we give her alternatives. If she hits herself, we say – no we rather hug. And she actually hugs herself then – it breaks my heart every time she does that. It really looks like she is so lonely even in a room full of people that loves her. But hugging is always better than hitting 🙂



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