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Excuse the silence

I am sorry that I have not been able to keep up with blogging the past few weeks. What a crazy time I had. Abby turning 1 – birthday party planning, hubby resigning at his job he has been with for 17 years and we are starting up a new business. It’s crazy we know, but life is too short to be miserable all the time. I will tell everybody more about it as soon as the lease for our premises has been finalized. That should be within the next few days. How super exciting.


Back to the birthday party. What a story to organize a party of somebody that won’t eat. I friend of mine went out of her way to bake us a dairy, gluten and egg free cake. Look how amazing it came out ❤


Feel free to support her Page – she goes the extra mile

Abby is teething and basically hated everybody and everything as you can see when I gave her a cupcake


That attitude she gets from mommy dearest, so I can’t say too much #blush


Thank you to everybody that came to celebrate with her. She did try the ‘icing” (Orley whip sweetened with Xylitol) on the cupcake but not much more. At least everybody else enjoyed the snacks 🙂

abbybday2abbybday6 abbybday5 abbybday4 abbybday3

Because of the SPD I was worried about us singing for her, but she took it like a real warrior princess and only had a small meltdown the night. I am so proud of her. It’s not easy for her to cope with things around her, but she did so good. But I must say – the next birthday we will go eat at the Wimpy and the kids can play in the play area and then I’m going home. This mommy is no supermom and these kids parties are HARD work.


Thank you Zelda from Shutterbugzz for the beautiful photos. You can find her here




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