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Product Review: Pampers vs Toujours Nappies


Pampers(Photo borrowed from internet)

With my oldest I only used Pampers. To me it has been the best on the market and I have tried them all. The others would either leak, break or smell horrible. So with the new baby I did not even look at other nappies, Pampers it had to be. (I tried and failed with cloth nappies. They are sooo pretty and I will put them over her normal nappy to show them off, but cleaning nappies with being sick and two small kiddies and just life in general, it just became too much for me. So if you manage to use cloth – you rock!) But then I discovered Toujour nappies. They are so much cheaper and I thought giving it a try won’t hurt the bank that much. How surprised I have been! They fit great, they are pretty (I like pretty nappies) and they go through the night without a problem. Mostly no leakage, no funny smells and it holds its own against the big brand. I really like this product!

The past month I used both and this is how they rate against each other:

nap2(Click on image to enlarge)

They are both great products, so purely by look and price Toujours wins this round.




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2 thoughts on “Product Review: Pampers vs Toujours Nappies

  1. hey there! i also used pampers and also huggies and cuddlers but lately used full time cloth for my 3 kids. i love cloth and sometimes it can be a bit more work, but what helped me is to see that i have more than enough in my stash. where did you buy this new brand?


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