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Using a laundry basket as toy

We have all played with our parent’s laundry baskets growing up. We used it to be turtles, to play hide and seek, to cage our siblings in (admit it, we all did it)…

Playing with the laundry basket got an upgrade as it is now used for sensory development – it is a bit trickier now 😉

I took some wool and made a ‘spider’s web’ with the wool inside the laundry basket (Yes I know it could be done better, but you know… me…)


Place toys at the bottom and hand it to baby! Thinking about it, I might have been doing better if I put the toys in first, but hey at least I knew that the toys could get in and out of the basket as I had to maneuver through the web to get the toys at the bottom.



She did not like the idea too much. The idea of the wool touching her really annoyed her. She played with it a bit but as soon as the wool would touch her, she would pull her hand back. But it’s part of the therapy and it seems to be helping! She is doing so great and for most parts, she even ate ‘normal’ food the weekend! So, YEAH!




The almost 3 year old also got involved and also enjoyed it. She filled it with toys (esp since she figured out that her sister don’t want to take them out of the basket again – win win for her)






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