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Drumming to their own beat

I reaaaaaaaaaallllly don’t like noise. Not at all. If I could sit in the room by myself the whole day with no television / radio / other humans, I would be really happy. But I also know that children, well, like noise. My two has discovered the joy of tin drumming. They love it, they do it often, they drive me crazy! And they even discovered that if one drums, the other one can take the salt shaker and make even more noise. They love it and that is enough reason for me to just bite on my lip and enjoy the beautiful sounds coming from my kitchen every night while I prepare dinner.

All of those expensive toys has nothing on an empty tin. And with Abby going through formula like it’s nothing, there is always enough tins to go around. Forget about buying them toys, just give them a salt shaker and some tins and you will have happy children


DSC_1491 DSC_1492 DSC_1493



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