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Get those little fingers moving

Ever had one of those – I had to be taught how to do this moments??? I have been having a few the last while. You obviously never sit and thing – I wonder when did I acquire the ability to open a peg. Who taught me how to do it? You just don’t think about it. Why would you? Until you have a 2 year old that just can’t get the concept of opening a peg / a paper clip or even just pushing a rope through a toilet roll. It’s a whole new level of ‘thank you mom’ you experience every time you have to deal with something new.


We have been going back to basics as the pegs did work well but as soon as it’s a small peg, her hands just won’t work her brain. She is 2, it will happen.

So toilet roll and rope it will be. It’s been 3 days now, and she is still playing with the thing! And here you thought you had to buy expensive gifts. An empty toilet roll and piece of rope keeps them much busier than that R1000 gift.


13627246_10154320306358554_3474857592919398457_n 13775794_10154320305878554_7082638593103115687_n


I just punched some holes in the toilet roll and helped her to get the idea. It helps a lot with hand and eye coordination, fine motor skills and also a great help with ‘quiet time’ when the baby sister is sleeping.

Because I came up with the idea myself I can’t really find other photos of something similar online, just this one that is a lot prettier than the one we had. (But hey, it works the same 😉 )

baby threading ribbon toy



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