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Making birdfeeders

Our project for the day was making a bird feeder for the birds in our garden. We have a huge garden and there are always a bunch of birds hanging around. The toddler turned the bird bath into a water table so we sort of feel guilty towards the birds sitting on the fence waiting for us to stop messing in their water. And mess, we do.

We enjoyed making bird feeders so much. The toddler made her own and the little one just had fun stealing the peanut butter jar and getting really messy.


You will need:

Peanut butter

Bird seeds

Empty toilet roll

A knife / spatula

Wool / Ribbon

A paper plate

We first made two holes in the toilet roll.



We covered the whole outside of the toilet roll with peanut butter. This was the fun part, they loved doing it

DSC_1420 DSC_1415

This happened, so be warned:

licking2 Licking1

You then put some seeds on the paper plate and roll the peanut butter roll in it, putting some pressure on it to make sure it sticks

DSC_1423 DSC_1428 DSC_1429

Finish it by stringing the wool / ribbon through the holes and hang on tree. We made two and the birds loved it. They were safe from the two cats and the seeds and peanut butter went down very well.

DSC_1466 DSC_1467

You can make a few and keep some for another day as it lasts a while in a sealed container. The left over seeds from the plate we just threw on the lawn. Soon we had birds in the trees and on the lawn (those brave enough to face the cats)




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