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Sensory Bags for under 1 year old

Coming up with new things to keep the almost 11 month old busy is becoming trickier by the day. She has SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder) and a lot of the time she just won’t touch the things I give her (she is almost 11 months old and still refuse to hold her own bottle). But I am not shy of a challenge so every day we try something new and see if it works. Some days it does (like with the bags – yeah), other days it does not and you have to not take it personally and just think of the next thing to try. Some things lasts – she loves playing with things with flashing light and you can go back to it over and over, other things she just likes for a while and then won’t play with it again. I come to realize – it is what it is. One day she will eat something, the next day she won’t. It’s not personal. It is, what it is…..

I decided to make some sensory bags for her over the weekend and even the almost 3 year old joined the fun.

All you need:

A ziplock bag

Extra packaging tape to strengthen the bag

Body wash / hair gel

Toys / objects / glitter

I took some body wash (next time I will use a cheap hair gel. The body was was very runny and it does tend to leak quicker then. But it makes nice foam in the bag and she loved making the foam. Throw it in a ziplock bag, ad some glitter, soft toys / objects – anything you can think of or you can even start themed ones. Seal the bag and just strengthen it with some clear packaging tape.

13718628_10154301059993554_266342680960573204_n 13718708_10154301060063554_3046141432928134305_n  


I found some really nice ones online that we will try next time with the hair gel. Give it a try even your toddler will have a fun time playing with the squishy bag

sb1 sb2 sb3 sb4




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