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The “crying out” method


I don’t believe in bashing anybody’s method of raising their little ones and I know this is such a controversial topic. But I do have one question – HOW do you go through with it? Last night I just could not get Abby to sleep. It was well past midnight when I decided to move her cot into my room (poor hubby spend another night on the couch), throw her in the cot – “And that is where you will stay”.. It lasted a full 10 minutes – if that. How do you ignore your baby standing in the cot reaching out her arms to you, while crying her heart out? It broke my heart. I just can’t do it.

I know that ‘I should be strong’, but before we know it they are all grown up and will pretend to not know us in public, so in the bigger picture – does her in bed with me really matter that much? At least she slept for an hour or 4… She is teething and usually she is a good sleeper, so it’s not even a permanent situation for her.

I can’t imagine myself just leaving her there in the cot. You must have seen her face. She was devastated. And this was with me in the room, I can’t even think how heart broken she would have been if I left her alone in the room and closed the door behind me.

I’ve been doing some research and it makes me panic  – Sky never cried at night because we got her when she was almost 3 months old and obviously had been sleep trained. There are so many negative things I have been reading about sleep training and it is breaking my heart that my child had to go through that. I just want to go and give her a hug

This one article I found sums up most of the myths about sleep training. Read it here

So for now I am tired and need liters of coffee to get through the day, but my children comes first.




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2 thoughts on “The “crying out” method

  1. I assumed I would do sleep training before baby. Then, when he arrived, I promised myself I would do whatever my instincts guided me to do. Fifteen months later we co- sleep for half the night because I just can’t bear to hear his crying. I don’t judge mums who opt for sleep training, but given how disturbing it can be for everyone I just don’t see how it’s the easy option.


    1. I agree. If you can go through with it, that’s great…. But I just can’t. And last night she fell asleep on me in the lounge around 9. Put her in her cot and she slept until 7 this morning. So things do get better!

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