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You are stronger than you think

*I am ‘forced’ to start a section of motivationals – not because I am so great, but because I see the need all over social media. There are way too many broken people, if I can help one person, then – here we go…*



Yesterday I had a bad day. I felt lonely and my one wound just won’t heal. It’s so frustrating being in bed the whole time, I have work to do. I do work from bed, but it’s very limiting. I had a conversation with somebody and she told me: “You are not as strong as you think you are”. This got me thinking – and you know what, she is right. But not in the way she meant it. She want me to take things slow (I do look after my body and I am being careful), she implied I am weak. And sure my body is weak at the moment – I had a walk yesterday morning and the wound started bleeding a bit and I was so tired that I could not answer the phone when my mom phoned, but I am not weak. My body might be and I am sure to whip it into shape as soon as all this is over. By the real me, who I am, my soul – is not weak, I am actually stronger than what I think. I am unbreakable.

The Bible says that He that is within me is stronger than he that is in the world. How can I be weak? I have weaknesses sure, we all have. My body is my biggest weakness at the moment. My mouth is another one – I speak way too much. But these are things that can be controlled. My body will get strong again, I am learning that I don’t need to speak everything that comes up in this crazy mind of mine. And I am learning to separate the two things. My weaknesses do not make me weak. They make me human. And when I look back at what I have been through in my life I might just start to think I am titanium…

I really want to encourage every person that is reading this to see the difference between the two. To know that you are strong. I see so many women that is saying they just don’t want to live anymore, that they are giving up. If you are a mother (father) there is no option of giving up. You brought into this world, another human being that you are responsible for. Not just financially but also emotionally. My children will NEVER see me give up and neither should yours. You are their superhero and you need to step up to the plate. If you feel you are giving up, talk to somebody. I am known for having a very wide shoulder to cry on and even I listen as well. But don’t think you are weak for having enough of this world. We all feel that way sometimes, some just hides it better than others. It does not make you weak. Ask for help. There will always be somebody that can listen, love, give advice, give you a break. You are strong, get up…




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