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Messy playrooms

Hands up who’s children have WAY too much toys. There are toys in the lounge, toys on the floors, toys in my room, toys outside, toys in their room, toys EVERYWHERE! And they seem to only play with it for a while and then go on to the next one. And the constant – I need a toy to play with. Like really now? My lounge looks like some toy monster puked it’s whole breakfast out on my floor and you don’t have a toy to play with!!!


I just could not take it anymore, so now we have a ‘Rotation” system in place. Some of the toys are out and others are being placed in containers and sealed. They get to play with the toys that is left out for a week or two (I sometimes forget to rotate – busy mom and all). After that we pack them away and ‘new’ toys come out. It works like a charm! They feel like they are playing with new toys, we have less chaos (not much, but you get the idea) and we don’t have to spend hundreds on new toys every month that gets chucked in the bottom of the toy bin within a day.

If you want to be all prim and proper about it you can label the containers, but that’s just me, I like to be surprised to what’s in the container – that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!


I use these black and blue ones because I had them in the house. If I had to get new ones, I would choose the clear ones then you can see what is inside.

13606558_10154281607898554_2217338387312979164_n     13626449_10154281607833554_5378565105893812044_n

In the rooms we use these stackers. They are easy for them to reach and also to pack away again. We bought them at the local “R5 store” for around R100. I actually even bought the one second hand – bargain! We also use hangers inside the cupboards to store things like board games (this photo is not mine – you don’t want to see my messy cupboards)


I use this for the toys and games that they can’t play with unsupervised. It really works like a charm.


In the lounge we have a corner for all the toys. I know most of them belong in the room, but they play in the lounge more than anywhere else.

And if things gets too much in the lounge – cheat and throw it all in the playpen!



I am busy working on more ideas to organize the ones that is out for the week, but for now our toy bins and stack systems seem to work okay.

Some online ideas I found that I need to try as soon as I’m mobile again:

13600255_1748369402072813_9118607475105413286_n 13631574_907914806021845_8084867553979392676_n DIY-Toy-Storage.-Just-drill-small-holes-into-the-buckets-and-connect-with-zip-ties-so-smart use-a-wire-basket-to-storage-stuffed-animals-




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