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My results from the doctor

medical results

So the results are in and I’m generally happy with the results, although I had a few – “that can do that”, moments…

No cancer! Whoooohooo!!

My one ‘tube’ got attached to my appendix (it can do that?) and they had to remove the ‘tube’. On the other side the ‘tube’ got attached to the colon (it can do that??), causing the colon to have a leak. That ‘tube’ has been removed as well. It had to be removed as it was so damaged that leaving it in, would have almost certainly caused cancer. So goodbye tubes!!! We now 1000000% know we won’t have another biological child. (Weren’t planning on it, so all is good)

Because of the colon problems I now have to be on chronic colon meds. As soon as my colon is full, it rests on my womb causing infection(it can do that?)

They ‘drilled my ovaries (they can do that? ) to help with the PCOS symptoms.

I have very bad Candida. This will need to be treated on a permanent basis. So I have to take meds and also go on the Candida Diet.

I know this sounds ‘heavy’, but to be honest, this is the best thing that could have happened to me (not the sick part, the finding out what is wrong and being able to fix it part). The doctor asked me what happened to me, as I seemed ‘more at peace’ with myself. I did not know how to explain to my Muslim doctor that he helped me to become closer to God. But this whole thing did. I am more focused, more ready  to live life than what I was in years. I just want to heal and take up living again.

The one wound did not heal properly, so I am still on a bit of bed rest until it’s healed. But the moment I have to ‘go ahead’ there will be no stopping me. I am already working from bed and lots of new things are happening as I am sitting here in bed. Watch this space 🙂

PS: My pelvic floor is also damaged so I have to get physio for that….





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