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Father’s Day Friday and Logos Hope visit

It’s the Friday before Father’s day and if you don’t have an idea what the dad in your life is going to get, you better shape up!

I found some really cute (and cheap) ideas to do with the kids, online. Dad will love the creativity (and that they did not spend money). There are hundreds and thousands of ideas online. Pinterest is our friend! Use it. Here are some of the ones I liked. They are easy and will keep the little ones busy for a while.

As for gifts from mommy to daddy or to the grandparents I found things like photo frames, funny tshirts, mugs etc to work out very well. And books. We mostly do books. Because that is what we do. We buy books. Talking of books, we visited the Logos Hope yesterday. It’s the largest floating library in the world. I must admit I did not want to go – I am not feeling well at the moment and the thought of going out with two small children, onto a boat, in the wind, in Winter were not my idea of fun. And heights. This mommy do not do heights. At ALL. But hubby pulled rank and we went. What an experience. Sky loved every second and came home with loads of books. She was so excited that we did not get enough time to look for anything for us, she was just jumping around with her singing book from side to side. It is worth a visit. If you get the chance to go, GO!



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