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When it’s okay to scream at other people’s children


I really felt like I failed the biggest test as a mother yesterday. I let my toddler out of my sight for a minute in a play park and then she was gone…. I jumped up and started looking for her. My whole body got tense as I started calling for her. The two older children that was playing with her were gone. She was gone. I knew they could not leave the park without me seeing them as it’s closed up, but there could be a hole in the fence that I missed. I started calling for her. Something was just ‘off’ and every instinct in me knew I had to find her. As I started calling for her the two older girls came out of the boys toilet and my child’s pants were pulled down. According to them she needed to go potty. She did not, I took her to the potty 10 minutes before. I totally lost it and started screaming at them. I wanted to know what they were doing in there and why her pants were pulled down. I know nothing happened because I realized she was gone so quickly, but things could have gone wrong so quickly. I just grabbed her and took my stuff and left. I felt like I failed as a mother. I asked her over and over if anything happened and she said no, they just took her potty. But I should have made stranger danger more clearer. I should have explained that even if she plays with friends that they can’t take her potty, only mommy, daddy and the aupair are allowed to take her potty. I never though of explaining that to her. I am always with her. I did not think she could get into a situation like that esp not that quickly.

I sat her down and explained to her that NOBODY takes her potty. Just us. She seemed totally unfazed by the whole thing and can’t understand why I went ape on her new friends.

Parents be ware. This kind of things DO happen, not just to other people but it can happen to you. And then you will feel like the biggest idiot in the world. We live in a sick world and yesterday could have been one of the worse days of my life.. I am just thankful that it did turn out the way it did.

I don’t know if the older children meant any harm, but I was sure as hell not willing to find out. So yes, yesterday I shouted at other people’s children and no, I’m not sorry I did….



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