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Spending time with the girls sometimes leave me surprised but mostly confused. These two just have such a unique way of looking at things and when they get into trouble I sometimes think to myself – Oh my, somebody had to teach me that when I was little?  Yesterday I had naartjies and divided it into 3 – for myself, Sky and Abby. Abby obviously only gets one piece at a time and I held hers in my hand. Gave Sky hers. So Sky took 2 pieces at a time and swallowed it whole. To get more. I don’t like saying no to her if she wants to eat something, but I had to be the parent and explain to her that she can’t have Abby’s just because she swallowed hers. She was so disappointed and in standard Sky drama mode had a total melt down. Parenting sometimes suck! But these are things that we have to teach them. There are a lot of things that I never even thought that I would need to teach somebody. Sharing is one of those things that I thought would be a breeze. What a surprise to realize that NOPE, sharing does not come standard. Especially not for Sky. We have been trying to teach her for months now. She just don’t do sharing. When I turn my back she will grab Abby’s toys and go sit in a place were Abby can’t reach. A while ago she hit a friend because she would not share her toy pots. Sunday she tried to push a friend’s arm into a drawer because sharing was just not an option. Recently at a party she had a total melt down because she would just not share the slide. She wanted to play alone on it. I’ve now tried everything and we are at the point that we have to be strict. I have a rule now – no sharing, no playing. If I find her taking a toy from another child I take all her toys away. As mentioned before – parenting sucks! But I know it has to be done. I’m all for raising a strong, independent daughter that won’t just take no for an answer and knows that she can stand up for her rights, but somehow we need to find a balance. I realize she is still small and that it will come through to her, but until then I’m watching her like a hawk near other children. My sweet little princess can turn into a wrestling monster (I blame the dad) in 0.3 seconds flat.





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