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Review – Lifestyle Foods Gluten Free Pasta

I’ve at last found a gluten free pasta in shops that tastes like pasta and not cardboard. We have spend so much money on gluten free pastas and to be honest, most of them ended in the drain. Much to my surprise I found a pasta at Dischem that is not only pleasant tasting but is also cheaper than the other. What a bargain!


I do like the screws and penne more than the  spaghetti one. For some reason the spaghetti sticks together even if you put some oil in the water. The screws and penne do not and it makes for great salads.

My only big problem with it is the fact that the only ingredients listed is gluten free flour. It does not say anything else, which is worrying to me seeing that my 9 month old is allergic to egg so I’m worried to try it with her. The toddler enjoys it and will eat it every meal if she can.

So for all the moms and dads out there that need something quick and easy and gluten free to make for supper, this is a real winner. It is a Dischem make so you will only find it at Dischem or online.


Side note: This is not a paid review and the views on here is my own.




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