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Those damn pegs

I never thought I would have such a strong reaction to mini wooden pegs as what I did the weekend.

So the plan was: make Sky a box with paper cut outs of clothing and let her peg it onto a line over the box. She’s ‘helping’ me do washing. It was suppose to be quiet time while I’m trying to get Abby to sleep. Perfect plan. I got this. What can go wrong??

Made the box and cut the clothes. Super impressed with myself I gave them to her. Showed her what I wanted her to do and then picked up Abby to take her for her nap.

Five seconds later all hell broke loose in my house. She can’t open the little cute wooden pegs I got her. Her fingers will NOT open them. No matter how many times I tried to show her. As soon as I let her do it herself, she breaks it open and break another peg. And Sky do not do well with not getting something done the first time. She starts panicking immediately. No matter how much we try to calm her and tell her to just try again, she freaks out and starts crying her eyes out with a little panicky scream. YEAH FLIPPEN ME!

So now I sit with a tired baby that wants to sleep but also want to see what all of this drama is about – and trust me, nobody does drama like Sky. She even tells you in the middle of the drama – look my tears are running all over my cheeks, I need to wipe them first now…

I eventually just lost all ‘mommy cool points’ and grabbed the pegs and chucked them out of reach and went to get normal pegs. She got it immediately and all tears were wiped. So much for being all cutesy and taking pics. Snot and tears everywhere, the paper clothes by this stage were tear stained and ripped and I felt like anything but taking a photo. So here, here’s a photo of those damn pegs.





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