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I must remember to blog that

Yes famous last words! I am always doing fun stuff with the kids but I forget to put it up on my blog. I usually just load it straight to my facebook page. My life has just been so busy the last few months (years?). I started working for a NPO so the days are filled with fundraising and admin. From 4pm it’s me and the girls. We play tag (this is a winner – just keep in mind that Abby can’t walk yet. So I have her in my arms running after a 2 year old), we paint (these usually just end up in Abby’s mouth, but she is hellbent on helping), do crafts etc. We are having a LOT of fun. And no, I’m not super mom. I get angry at them, scream at them and loose it more often with them than what I care to admit. But we love each other to bits and we fight and go on loving each other.


Last night we made wind chimes. Sky just loved the fact that she made this herself (okay mommy cut them and put the thing together but in her mind, she made it!). It was so easy to make these and she loved keeping busy with them.


You will need:

A lid (formula tin word well)

Egg container




Cut out how many you would like ‘flowers’ from an egg box. Punch a hole in the top and give to little one to paint. After they have dried, just attach them to the lid. You can go wild with extras – beads, flowers, ribbons etc. Let them use their imagination. It was getting late so we just did the basics. But I’m sure we will make another project soon.

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