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Sensory Rice

Ooh I love playing with the kids, especially when it looks like a mess. That’s be best kind of play. Seeing them totally involved and emerged in what they are doing just really gives me such a warm, fuzzy feeling.

Sensory play is so much fun that I really don’t mind Abby getting messy and playing twice a day. Yesterday we played with colored rice and pasta. She loved it and Sky just had to get involved. That’s sometimes a problem. Trying to get Abby to focus on what she is doing and Sky being a typical 2 year old, is pushing her way in and overbearing the whole situation. I really am trying to find a balance. I want her to play with her sister, but her sister needs to learn how to develop her skills. It’s difficult if big sis is taking everything out of her hand every time we want to play. I just keep on keeping on. It’s teaching Sky to share as well, so win win.


I discovered a quick and easy (the other recipes you need a degree and more than 4 hours sleep a night to make) way of coloring the rice:


You will need:

Uncooked rice

Food coloring


That’s it. Just put both in a shaker. About a drop of food coloring will be enough for half a cup of rice. Just shake until all the rice is colored. Throw the rice out on some paper towel and let dry. It usually dries very quickly. And there you have it. Colored rice in minutes.




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