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Follow up on Abby

We went to the speech therapist on Tuesday with Abby and it seems like a sensory problem more than anything else. We have to do a lot of food play with her and exercise. We realized that it’s not just the oral sensors that is sensitive, but also her touch and environmental sensors. She reacts to different textures, music, sounds, colors and smells. Even a shirt that has stitching on it causes her to cry until you take it off. We are making little changes at the moment and we are having small victories every day. I just found a “Cleva Feeder” and put some banana in it. She ate a whole banana that way! I was so happy I started crying! We also did some play and I realized that the plastic balls in the ball pool irritates her. The material ones are a hit. She got so overwhelmed by the plastic ones she started kicking and screaming. I took her out and let her sit next to ball pool. She loved it, but only went for the material ones. Now we know šŸ™‚


I’m doing a lot of research and I’m very excited that we can kick this thing. Knowledge is power. If we know what is wrong, we can fix it! Or in this case, manage it and know what to look out for.

So those who follow my blog, be prepared for lots of sensory posts.. šŸ˜‰





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