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No April fools joke…

What a April Fools Day! Spend the afternoon at the hospital. Our 7 month old has a blockage in her stomach that causes her vomiting and constant crying. It looked like they were going to have to operate. We had to be back this morning. We prayed a lot last night and this morning. An operation is something that I just don’t know how we will handle! We took her for another ultrasound and it seems to be gas. The gas is so much that it causes a pump action like situation. She swallows the air and then it just gets so much that it explodes – with the speed of a bullet!

Looking back now I can have a giggle. I’ve never seen doctors and nurses move so quick in my life. She puked all over xrays and them. She made sure she gave them a good show!

My heart was broken so at that stage it was not funny.

We have been noticing that there is something wrong with her tongue. She just seems to have no control over it. If I feed her, her tongue is next to the bottle, not sucking like she should. We looked for tongue tie, nothing. We are going to a speech therapist on Tuesday and also have a Skype consultation with a guru on baby feeding. We will sort this out. We just have to.

Just goes to show you, no matter how much you try to do the best for them, there is some things that you just can’t fix yourself.

It was a very traumatic experience for her and she is sleeping it off now. She was so hungry when she got home she at about a slice of pizza (I know, I know. But I’ve you are desperate you will try anything) and also a whole pouch of Squish. About half stayed in, so YEAH!!





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