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When life gets too much

I’ve not blogged in over a month. Career changes, busy with sick kids, behind with my photography work, me being sick and the list goes on.

I’m pretty upset with myself for letting life get this out of control. I have been feeling real sick the last month or so. My colon is out of control, my back has been acting up and there is something wrong with my knee as well. And it all can be linked to one thing – me not looking after myself. I have been eating – well, everything and anything. I know it will make me sick, but I’m an emotional eater and the more things gets out of control, the more I eat, the more I eat, the more things gets out of control – you see the cycle?

I am trying to get back on track and I must say even with everything going on, I am super proud of myself. My potatoes are growing and my carrots are also coming on. We had our first baby tomatoes and it was just so much better than the store’s. I also want to get my herb garden going again. The more we can grow ourselves, the better for us and our pockets!

I am also going to make my first batch of toothpaste tomorrow. I’m super excited.

Tomorrow will be a whole new start (again). I have to make some huge changes. I refuse to let my children have a sick mom / household.


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