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Glutenfree pasta for the win

I’m really struggling to get anything healthy into this 2 year old! She will stand in front of the stove chanting: no vegetables, just kossies (food) as soon as I start making dinner. So I have to get sneaky. I have ways of getting cauliflower, tomatoes and other veg in her without her having an idea what she is eating. I’m mostly hiding it in gluten free pasta as it seems the only thing she wants to eat.

Some of my ‘winning’ recipes:


Gluten free pasta (I buy the one from Dischem, it’s much cheaper than other makes and really tastes good) salad

Gluten free pasta (I normally use the screws, but the picture is the spaghetti one)





Gluten free viennas (Spar brand)


I simply cook the pasta and add all the other ingredients. I just add the cooked cauliflower to the pasta while cooking. It cooks so fine that she never sees is. And it really does tastes amazing.



Spaghetti Bolognese






Cook pasta. Fry the mince, tomatoes, mushrooms and broccoli. I chop the mushrooms very fine as she hates them as well. Same with broccoli, I cook it into the mince to a point were she can’t see it. She has NO idea.







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