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How do we know what’s best?

Hello all unicorn loving, fairy chasing, weird and wonderful souls,


I seriously feel overwhelmed sometimes. There are so many opinions and research and fighting. Do we immunize, don’t we? Do we give pain meds, or rather try something more natural? Do we use cloth diapers or disposables? School or homeschool?

If you ask these questions on any mommy group, I will promise you there will be a fight within 5 minutes. And not a ‘disagreement’, I mean a nasty, name calling fight. We hear horrid stories about children becoming autistic from their shot. Read the news paper and you will see children being raped in school – do we rather homeschool then?

I really don’t have all the answers but I believe knowledge is so important. I’m doing research, learning whatever I can on every subject and only then making a decision. But that’s still not set in stone, how do you know you are choosing the correct option?


My short answer: I truly believe in following your gut instinct and hoping that you did not miss something. And prayers. Lots and lots of prayers to just get them to puberty alive. We can do this! Just follow your gut and do what you can…

And also keep an open mind. Your opinion do not have to be the popular one but you don’t have to convince the whole world they are wrong. Do what you do and let your actions speak for itself. There is nothing so irritating like a know it all, push my opinion down your throat type. I’m pretty sure if you spend time together with somebody that has the total opposite opinion than you, you will find they are also just trying their best.

Be kind, be gentle, be understanding….




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